How to Verify Your Chinese Building Material Suppliers

Finding reliable building material suppliers in China can be a daunting task for companies around the world.  Cultural and geographical barriers can make it difficult to separate real factories from trading companies impersonating them. Morefar Global, a leading China building materials sourcing agent, can help you navigate this challenge and ensure you partner with legitimate manufacturers.

This blog post explores the difficulties foreign buyers face when verifying Chinese manufacturers and trading companies, and provides a roadmap to navigate these hurdles.

The Challenges of Verification

Several factors contribute to the difficulty of verifying Chinese building material suppliers.

• Cultural Differences: Communication barriers and differing business practices can make it challenging to assess a company's legitimacy.

• Geographical Separation: The distance between you and your potential supplier can make it hard to conduct thorough due diligence.

• Misrepresentation: Some trading companies may try to pass themselves off as factories to capture a larger profit margin.  Conversely, some factories may not have a dedicated sales department, making it difficult to find them through traditional channels.

Morefar Global: Your Key to Verification Success

Morefar Global's proven strategies can give you peace of mind when sourcing building materials from China. Here are some of the methods we use to verify our suppliers:

• Address Verification:  We scrutinize a supplier's address. Legitimate factories are typically located in suburban areas,  industrial zones, or have a physical production facility. Conversely, a trading company might list an office building or suite as its address.

• Business License Inspection: We carefully examine a supplier's business license to ensure it includes terms like "manufacturer" or "produce" within the scope of business.

• On-Site Inspections:  In critical cases, we conduct on-site inspections to verify a supplier's legitimacy and assess their production capabilities.

By implementing these methods, Morefar Global can help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure you partner with reputable building material suppliers in China.

Partner with Morefar Global - A leading China building materials sourcing agent today and gain a trusted advisor to streamline your China sourcing experience!


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